Welcome to M A Couture Crafting!

Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, I am constantly inspired by the vibrant culture and iconic scenery around me. As a dedicated visitor of Disney theme parks, I infuse the magic and whimsy of Disney into every creation. I am a couture crafter specializing in quilting and paper crafting, with a deep passion for all things creative.

M A Couture Crafting was born from a marriage of my love for fashion, makeup, and crafting. Why Couture? Because I put meticulous care into every piece, crafting by hand just like fashion designers who sew beads onto couture gowns. I believe the crafting community deserves the same respect as fashion designers, celebrating our luxurious and couture work.

My mission is to meld the vibrant worlds of pop culture and quilting, inspiring quilters and crafters to push the limits of color and design. I aim to create edgy projects that embody your unique style, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Explore more of my exhilarating inspirations on my YouTube Channel, and join me in redefining the boundaries between traditional crafting and pop culture, one stitch at a time. Let's create something uniquely you, inspired by the richness of our everyday culture and the boundless possibilities of imagination.